Assisted Care To Individuals Mentally And Physically Disabled

Personal Assistance for people with disabilities in Calgary AB

Ever Green Home Health Care is dedicated to providing personal assistance for people with disabilities in Calgary, AB. Our approach is firm on the belief that every individual deserves to live a life full of dignity, comfort, and independence, personalized to their unique needs and circumstances.

Our assisted care services are designed to support individuals with mental and physical disabilities by offering personalized care that encompasses a wide range of needs. From daily living assistance to specialized medical care, we aim to enhance the quality of life for those we serve, ensuring they can thrive in their homes and communities.

Our Assisted Care for Individuals with Mental and Physical Disabilities Includes:

    • Personalized Care Plans: Developed in close consultation with clients and their families, addressing each individual’s needs and goals.
    • Daily Living Assistance: Support with personal care, meal preparation, and household tasks, empowering individuals to live as independently as possible.
    • Specialized Support: Tailored care for those with specific medical or mobility needs, including medication management, physical therapy assistance, and adaptive equipment support.
    • Comprehensive Emotional and Social Support: Companionship, engaging in stimulating activities, and encouraging social connection are ways our caregivers promote our mental and emotional well-being.
    • Coordination with Healthcare Providers: We work closely with medical professionals and therapists to ensure a cohesive care plan that aligns with the individual’s health and wellness goals.

    To initiate personal assistance for people with disabilities services in Calgary, AB, contact Ever Green Home Health Care. We then create a customized care plan and match the client with a caregiver who best meets their needs, ensuring a compassionate and supportive care environment.

    We are committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities in Calgary, offering personalized, respectful, and comprehensive care that supports their well-being and independence.

    Selecting us means partnering with a team that places the individual at the heart of everything we do. Our caregivers are not only skilled and compassionate but deeply committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those with disabilities.

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Flexible and Responsive Care Solutions

We offer adaptable care plans that can evolve with the changing needs of our clients, ensuring they always receive the appropriate level of support.

Empowerment and Independence

Our care is designed to empower individuals, encouraging them to achieve their highest level of independence and participate fully in their communities.

Continuous Communication and Support

We maintain open lines of communication with families and healthcare providers, ensuring a collaborative and holistic approach to care.

Our assisted care services are designed to support individuals with a wide range of mental and physical disabilities, including but not limited to mobility impairments, cognitive disorders, developmental disabilities, and chronic health conditions.

Yes, our team includes skilled caregivers trained to provide specialized medical care tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities. This can include medication management, assistance with physical therapy exercises, and support using adaptive equipment, among other services.

Safety and well-being are our top priorities. We implement comprehensive safety protocols and ensure that our caregivers receive ongoing training in best practices for disability care.

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